A QOTD server for the 21st century!

By Jaidyn Ann <001> <jadedctrl@teknik.io>

QOTDD is a simple implementation of RFC 865: the Quote of the Day Protocol.



To connect to the qotd.eunichx.us server, just run:

$ telnet qotd.eunichx.us 1117


  1. Install Common Lisp (sbcl or clisp)
  2. Install Quicklisp [just (load " quicklisp.lisp")]
  3. $ git clone https://git.eunichx.us/ into the path ~/quicklisp/local-projects/qotdd
  4. Run your Common Lisp
  5. (ql:quickload :qotdd)
  6. (qotdd:server "" 1117 "~/quicklisp/local-projects/qotdd/qotd_sets/qotd2018")

The #'qotdd:server function takes the HOST, the PORT, and then the QOTD_FILE.

If you want to the server to be accessible from computers other than localhost, make sure to set HOST to your LAN address, rather than

The QOTD file format is identical to the file format used by the BSD `fortune` program;
Except that, after the "%" seperating entries, it has a single line with the date like so:

:Date 2018-09-01

qotdd comes with a QOTD file in qotd_sets/qotd2018-WIP


Source Code: git.eunichx.us

License: AGPLv3